Why Pharmalys

Our Human Resources

Our team is an extension of your team! You can count on a humble, friendly, supportive yet professional team to always be there for you.

Our diversity gives us a very good understanding of the industry and allows us to listen closely to our clients in order to develop a unique approach, tailored to their specific needs. So if you speak, Akan, Arabic, French, English, Kikuyu, Lingala, Russian, Spanish, Swahili or Wolof, we can communicate easily with you.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance and control activities are essential to Pharmalys mission. The achievement of our strategic goal is based on delivering high quality services to our customers by:
– Applying controls to each step of our procedures
– Ensuring that our staff have appropriate qualifications and training
– Applying rigorous planning and management
– Implementing a continuous improvement process to ensure that strategic issues, goals and customer needs are addressed.

We are regularly audited by our clients and have recently been inspected by the MHRA, the UK competent authority with no critical findings.

Our Quality Management System

Our Quality Management System has been developed and improved over time to ensure repeated quality. The main elements it includes are:
– Risk assessment and management
– Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
– Staff training and competency checks
– Participative management
– Quality assurance auditing
– Document control, disaster recovery and business continuity

ISO certification is now our focus as a consolidation step of our systems and processes.

The Value of Partnership

At Pharmalys, we believe in the value of partnership, knowledge sharing and establishing synergies in order to develop innovative solutions for our customers. That’s why we have teamed up with well established companies that share our values.

In the current context of increasing complexity and globalisation, clinical and more broadly, health research is all about partnerships. These partnerships are extremely important as they enable us to continue to provide dynamic solutions to complex tasks.

Should you be driven by the same entrepreneurial spirit, please contact us to discuss the possibility of building a fruitful partnership with us.

Client Testimonials

“Pharmalys commitment to high professional standards and quality of work, coupled with the expertise and knowledge of the African health environment, puts Pharmalys at the forefront of clinical trials in the sub-Saharan region.

I, on behalf of my company, look forward to seeing your continued success in the future.”

L. S., Manager of Overseas Medical Affairs, Biotech, China

Pharmalys have provided monitoring and project management services for several of our vaccine clinical trials. I really appreciate Pharmalys’ great deal of experience with clinical trials in sub-Saharan Africa. They are a hugely valuable source of advice on many matters. They are our eyes and ears at our overseas trial sites, and I feel confident that with Pharmalys’ oversight, our trial sites are working to the highest standard and that any issues or challenges are resolved quickly.

S.W., Clinical Trials Project Manager, University of Oxford

We received some great feedback on the GCP training and I wanted to pass this on to you. How personable and friendly you were, plus the sessions were delivered well with good interaction.

F.H., Clinical Consultant

“I notice the promotion of Assane and Alimatou whose professionalism had impressed us during the prior clinical study, these all speak volumes about the talent and potential within Pharmalys.

It is inspiring to see an organization such as Pharmalys celebrates the achievements of its people and the importance of collaboration with customers. I am confident that with such an approach, Pharmalys will continue to thrive and make a significant impact in the clinical research industry.”

L. S., Manager of Overseas Medical Affairs, Biotech, China

“We are impressed with your company’s reputation for providing high-quality services and believe that your expertise and experience aligns well with our project requirements.”

Associate Director, Clinical, Australian biopharma

I have worked with Marieme and the Pharmalys team for the last 18 months on multiple submissions for clinical trials for medical devices in Europe and monitoring services for clinical trials. I found them to be extremely thorough, very professional with high working standards and at the same time very patient and pleasant to work with.

Y. M. CEO, Orbix Medical

Working with Pharmalys has been a real pleasure. They are highly diligent, extremely knowledgeable and have made running our clinical trial in the UK very easy. Certainly, for any other EU studies that I may be working on in the future, Pharmalys will be the first CRO that I will approach.

C. B., Senior Clinical Manager, Biopharma USA

Pharmalys provides excellent support in a timely manner. No query is too small to be dealt with and all are responded to in a short time frame. Staff are always knowledgeable, polite and easily contacted.

Dr Y. L., Principal Investigator, Ireland