Interventional Studies

Planning and execution of your early stage trials to ensure timely completion of your clinical development programmes.

Early stage clinical trials

Getting the right support at a very early stage in the development of your compounds is essential and avoids delays in your clinical development programs. In some cases, funding is closely dependent on the strength of early phase study data to secure funding to move your products forward. Therefore, planning and execution of your early stage trials is paramount.


Pharmalys can support your early phase clinical trials by identifying accredited Phase I units and providing experienced and dedicated staff. We make sure all stakeholders for your Phase I study understand their responsibilities in running early stage human studies and that they are well trained and prepared to deliver what is expected from them.

To ensure rapid recruitment of healthy volunteers or specific patient populations, we set up project specific partnerships with locally identified call centres that can quickly implement a recruitment campaign and with local hospitals that have access to extensive patient databases.

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Phase II and III Clinical Trials

Your pilot studies deserve the right support in order to ensure the data produced are of the quality and accuracy demanded by competent authorities. Once the go/ no-go decision has been made to move forward, the focus is on successfully executing your clinical development program with the ultimate goal of improving quality of care and preventative medicine.

We establish from the beginning what your requirements are and agree a framework for the project including planning, tracking, reporting, escalation and problem solving. Throughout the project our relationship with you and our methods of working are based on our core values and beliefs.
By taking this approach you can be sure that any research we undertake for you will be carried out to the highest possible professional standards.

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Late Phase Clinical Trials

Late phase clinical trials are all about a successful transition from development to commercialisation and it is important to understand that they are conducted for various reasons that differ to those of earlier stage clinical trials. In some cases, it will be for providing a strong confirmation of your product’s pre-approval study data on larger patient groups; in other case, it will be for the exploration of new indications by studying different patient populations.

Different goals mean a different approach and we always keep in mind that your clients are our clients too. In this context, we will strive to develop a fruitful relationship with investigators and to promote the image of your company and compounds as if they were our own. We know you worked hard to build and maintain sponsor/site relationships and we will make sure we never compromise them. Our monitors will simply be an extension of your own field staff.
At every stage of the project we will give you the visibility and transparency you need to check the progress of your research without involving you in tedious micromanagement and unnecessary work.

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