Our Values

Our working environment is shaped by our core values and beliefs.

Towards Our Customers

At Pharmalys, in everything we do, we aim to fulfil our mission and earn our customers’ trust by providing an outstanding quality of service that exceeds their expectations.
Committed to the highest professional standards, our integrity and ethical behaviour are very important to us; therefore, we do not promise you the moon unless we can deliver it.

We focus on our core competencies and will not claim to perform tasks that are not within our scope of expertise. Excellence is our ultimate goal; to ensure we never fall behind in this commitment, we challenge ourselves to raise the bar project after project.

Towards Our People

We believe in people. Our people are the foundation of our success and every day, we strive to reward them for their passion and enthusiasm. It follows that we have created a professional environment that attracts, develops and retains outstanding employees who in return are devoted to offering our customers the best possible service.

Keeping a low staff turnover is one of our major focuses and is an important factor for the success of our customers’ projects.

Work life balanceprofessional recognition, mutual respectdiversityteam spirit, and equal opportunities are the pillars of our human resources policies.

Towards Our Community

As a company, we are keen to respect nature and our community. We act in the best way possible to minimise our carbon footprint by reducing and recycling waste and lowering our consumption of natural resources.

Health and education are few of the most important steps for happiness and escaping poverty. We contribute to our communities’ prosperity by supporting education and access to quality health care.