PACE training programme

Pharmalys has developed an international, innovative professional training programme designed to advance our learners into careers in clinical research (CR).

Why did we develop PACE?

Since the beginning of Pharmalys in 2008, it has been in our DNA to promote excellence in clinical research alongside strengthening the health research ecosystem. This mission has appeared all the more crucial since we established our second headquarter in Dakar, Senegal in 2012 and began conducting projects throughout Africa.

Several studies highlight the stark global inequity in health research in terms of where studies happen, who leads the research, and the ultimate beneficiaries of the results generated. Limited healthcare systems and supporting infrastructure, and overwhelmed healthcare facilities bring about specific hurdles for the delivery of research in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs). Administrative and regulatory procedures, as well as limited access to staff with research training are persistent challenges in such countries. There is a wealth of data that supports a need to strengthen research capacity and invest in training for staff across the board.

Pharmalys intends to do exactly that. Beyond our high quality clinical operations services, we pride ourselves on working on capacity building initiatives for ethics committees, regulatory bodies and clinical sites, in different African countries.

Over the years, the clinical trial sector has benefited from a rapid expansion, with a constant increase in the number of new studies and in the number of patients recruited, entailing CR staff shortages which affect numerous countries to varying degrees, regardless of their socioeconomic levels. In parallel, regulations have advanced due to increasingly complex scientific hypotheses tested through clinical trials. This situation emphasizes the dramatic need for a more qualified workforce – experienced health professionals, as well as appropriately-trained CR new comers.

As an international CR organisation that has been affected by CR professional shortage for years, Pharmalys Ltd decided to contribute to develop a CR work force appropriately trained, meaning who (i) uses international guidelines, (ii) applies the highest quality standards in the field, (iii) has followed hands-on training to be job-ready at the end of the course.

PACE training programme


How it works

Our international training course will take place over 9 months, with a 3 month online programme delivering high standard academic modules and real-world practice. All classes are conducted live to ensure our learners receive the highest quality of support and interactivity, enabling them to progress effectively throughout the course. The second part of the training programme includes a 6 month internship with an organisation that manages clinical trials.
Our curriculum has been developed with the input from the different stakeholders of the sector such as industry experts, subject matter experts and employers. We are confident our programme has been carefully curated in a way which responds to employers’ needs in terms of clinical operations knowledge, practical experience and collaborative skills.
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PACE is a transformative and high-impact learning experience aimed at bridging the gap between learning and working, enabling our learners to achieve their full potential and develop their career in the clinical research industry.
All applicants must hold a degree – preferably in life or social science – or within any health related topic or be a healthcare professional. Graduates and professionals from technical fields such as biostatistics are also eligible. Fluency in written and spoken English is required for all our learners to make the most of the training programme and keep pace with group interactions and classroom discussions.

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Corporate partnerships

Many stakeholders of the clinical research industry have expressed concerns about the rise in skills shortages within the CR sector and its risk on the industry’s competitiveness. This is a call to all stakeholders within the CR industry to participate in an innovative way of responding to this concern by developing the required qualities and the number of skilled professionals within the industry.
The PACE sponsorship and internship programmes offer your organisation the chance to avoid being affected by the unprecedented staff shortfall while simultaneously gaining access to a pool of learners educated to a high level, eager and ready to enter the industry and showcase their capabilities within a professional atmosphere.

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