Capacity Building

Creating a sustainable environment for conducting high quality medical research is essential to getting Africa in line with the highest international standards.

Promoting high quality medical research goes hand-in-hand with building the required infrastructure and developing tomorrow’s leading African scientists.

Individuel Level


Resources are sparse in the field of health research in Africa and the drain of human capital from Africa is one of the biggest threats to its economic development. Populations in Sub-Saharan Africa are craving the knowledge and skills that will give them the opportunity to build their lives locally and contribute to the development of their community.

It is therefore imperative to develop new educational schemes that are both cost efficient, flexible and respond to identified needs of expertise in the employment market.

It is also acknowledged that the need for highly qualified clinical investigators is increasing and flexible training opportunities need to be available to professionals already involved in patient-oriented, epidemiological and other health research activities.

Our Solution

Pharmalys is a socially responsible organisation that promotes economic development via higher education in the fields of health research. Our training and education courses are designed to meet the needs of students and professionals from this industry.

We are aiming to become a regional leading provider of health research education and customised training. Our course instructors and lecturers are active industry professionals who have a wide experience of current international standards and best practice.

Through their current positions, they also have the practical hands-on experience that enables them to illustrate their talks with case studies directly drawn from the workplace.