Implementation Research

Implementation research is crucial to improving our understanding of the challenges we face in confronting the real world by broadening and deepening our understanding of these real-world factors and how they impact implementation.

Implementation Research


The term Implementation Research (IR) describes the scientific study of the processes used in the implementation of initiatives as well as the contextual factors that affect these processes. One major purpose of IR is to support and promote the successful application of interventions that have been demonstrated to be effective.

IR in the health sector is about learning how to bring promising health strategies to scale, and importantly, how to sustain these strategies over the long term.

IR can be of enormous value to a range of stakeholders from ministerial-level decisionmakers, who may use IR to support health policy formation, to programme managers seeking to understand context-specific issues, and health providers looking to assess performance, make changes, or introduce innovations.

Our Solution

Pharmalys staff is experienced in managing IR programmes and projects. The large-scale deployment of an intervention within a health system can encounter unforeseen barriers to its uptake and penetration.

These barriers are often related to deficiencies in the detailed identification and contextualization of regional, country or community-specific characteristics, as well as failures to prepare for or address them. Such context-specific barriers may be due to the physical environment, socioeconomic and cultural contexts, as well as health systems and user characteristics. Failure to identify and address these potential barriers before large-scale deployment of a new health technology or intervention results in considerable losses to the health system, as well as loss of confidence among the target population and other stakeholders.

IR aims to first identify and then address such barriers, through using contextual knowledge to study processes to improve practice.Pharmalys has a multicultural, experienced team, whose members work according to the international quality and regulatory requirements, and have a thorough knowledge of the field they work in. This knowledge enables us to identify context-specific barriers.