Technology Platform

Pharmalys technology platform enables you to conduct your projects in the most remote regions without having to worry about logistics.

We offer our clients a reliable and powerful software suite that brings your project data at your fingertips while ensuring visibility for all stakeholders and high-quality data throughout the project.

Our e-clinical solutions are innovative but simple so they make life easier rather than adding a layer of complexity to processes that may be very complex. Our software suite complies with the FDA recommendations regarding IT systems used in clinical trials.

Client Zone

A secure client login zone is linked to your project and gives you access to your projects data via our website.

Electronic Clinical Data Management (ECDM)

Whether your project uses Electronic Data Capture (EDC) or Paper Data Entry (PDE) or both, our EDC software is User friendly and flexible enough to enable an easy implementation of the system.

Electronic Patient Reporting Outcome (ePRO)

Whether for clinical trials or real life studies, patient self-reported data need to be reliable and the limitations of paper diaries have been described in several studies.

Whether for the collection of efficacy, quality of life, pharmaco-economic or safety data, the ePRO methods we implement are intuitive and are based on commonly used systems such as telephone and computers.

Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS)

Excel spreadsheets are up to the job for many types and sizes of projects.

However, at some point when dealing with important amounts of data that can be accessed, modified, exported, imported by several stakeholders, from different regions of the world, an easy to use CTMS is the right solution that will help manage and optimise all aspects of your project, from planning to reporting.

Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF)

With the globalisation of clinical trials, it is becoming more and more evident that the same documentation should be accessible for people that are in different locations to better manage clinical trials.

Electronic document management is another e-solution we can deploy for your projects.

Other functionalities

eSource, eConsent, ePro.