Pharmalys Ltd. participated in the CQI, #WQW22 which took place on 07-11 November 2022

Aug 4, 2023 | Quality & Business Excellence

About World Quality Week

Previously, the CQI devoted one day in November for its world quality celebration. Since November 2021, they have moved to a week-long campaign.

Each year, the CQI announces a new theme that covers a range of issues and topics relevant to the profession for members to develop and promote. However, organizations may want to interpret the theme in a way that complements their corporate strategy and initiatives.

The CQI’s key aim is to fly the flag for World Quality Week, to produce tools and assets for organizations to use, and to encourage spreading the philosophy of quality.

CQI advocates for World Quality Week ambassadors, who may be an individual, a local business unit, a team or an entire company.

The link to the CQI site is: World Quality Week – 7 to11 November 2022 | CQI | IRCA”

#WQW22 event at Pharmalys Ltd.

The new Director of Business Excellence and Quality Management (DBE&QM) took on the role as the WQW ambassador for #WQW22.

His emphasis was for continuous improvement and without information/data relating to what is going on, one cannot evaluate and hence improve.

The concept of making suggestions for improvement and developing new ideas is part for the continuous improvement strategy.

On 01Nov2022, the DBE&QM sent an email to ALL Pharmalys Ltd.  staff entitled “World Quality Week (WQW) 2022”.

He explained what the CQI initiative is about, the dates involved and the theme for 2022 event.

The CQI event theme for the #WQW22 celebrations was “Quality Conscience – Do the right thing” and supported by a video:

He wanted all staff to think about what they could improve in their work area or at Pharmalys as a company. Just one suggestion per staff.

The best 3 ideas/suggestions were to be selected for a token gesture prize on 30Nov2022.

All suggestions were to be submitted to him by the end of business (eob) on 11Nov2022.

Activities on #WQW22(07Nov22 to 11Nov22):

During the #WQW22 itself, on each day, the DBE&QM re-sent the original email and cited a Quality related quote to maintain the interest and continually promote Quality. The following quotes were emailed:

Monday 07Nov2022:

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” ~Henry Ford.

Tuesday 08Nov2022:

“Quality is everyone’s responsibility.” – W. Edwards Deming

Wednesday 09Nov2022:

“The quality, not the longevity, of one’s life is what is important.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Thursday 10Nov2022:

 “Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” – Aristotle.

Friday 11Nov2022:

 “Almost all quality improvement comes via simplification of design, manufacturing… layout, processes, and procedures.” – Tom Peters

And a bonus quote since today was the last day!

“The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your relationships. The quality of your business is no different.” – Harvey Mackay

All quotes curtesy

CQI provided webinars for the week and the DBE&QM attend two of the events.

Contributions from staff

Staff started sending in their ideas and suggestions from 02Nov2022 and up to 11Nov2022 and even beyond till 14Nov2022.

A total of 11 members of staff (over 30%) providing quality initiatives or suggestions for improvements. Contributions were made by senior management team as well as all levels of staff.

The contributions were logged, evaluated by the DBE&QM and shared with the CEO for further considerations and as to the next steps to take for either implementation or adjustments or otherwise.

With the enthusiasm and engagement showed by staff, the management decided not to choose the “best” 3 contributions but ALL contributors to receive a certificate for taking part and a token gesture prize.


World Quality Week (WQW) is an annual campaign celebrated by the Chartered Quality Institute, which raises awareness of the quality management profession globally. It is a great opportunity for individuals as well as whole organizations to participate to raise awareness of Quality.

Pharmalys Ltd. participated in this event for the first time this year (2022) and took the opportunity to highlight the CQI theme of Quality Conscience (Do the right thing) as well as encouraging staff to make suggestions or provide ideas for improvement.

Staff enthusiastically participated in the event and provided some ideas and suggestions for evaluation and implementation as needed.

The feedback received from some staff was that it was enlightening and stimulating to receive the daily Quality related quotes. It also kept reminding staff the importance of quality being part of their daily activity.

Although the #WQW22 has ended, the DBE&QM informed staff at Pharmalys that the company plans to take part in the 2023 WQW event but emphasized that staff do not need to wait till then to make suggestions for improvement at Pharmalys and in particular in their area of work.


Author: Nana Tawiah  – Pharmalys Ltd Director of Business Excellence and Quality Management

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